Sunday, April 23, 2006

What do you want?

I want:
-to be done with any and all homework
-to lose weight
-to take a nap
-new mac lipglass
-the sun to come back out
-to start getting ready for Ashley's brother's concert
-more diet pepsi
-to see my sister
-the last chocolate egg leftover from Easter
-new citizen jeans
-to go for a run
-to read for fun, not for school
-to not stay up past 2 a.m.
-to sleep in
-to know once and for all that it's not him
-my laptop battery to not run out
-to read the newest megan mccafferty book
-for the 7th Harry Potter book to come out
-to start packing for Turkey
-long, hot, lazy summer days...


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