Friday, June 01, 2007

The Graduation Mexico Cruise...with lots of pictures!

All I have to say is it was ah-mazing.

9 of my very best girlfriends, a giant cruise ship, and fun stops everyday made for a very fun week!

Some of the things I loved: Getting dressed up for dinner every night, the amazing dinner itself, laying-out poolside, poolside pina coladas, dancing until 1 or 2 every single night, climbing the rock wall on board, the cool towel animals our room guy left, shopping in Ensenada, the discovery of the Bean Cone in Ensenada (Ruth and I are totally gonna learn how to make it), watching dueling pianos with 2 hilarious comedians, and laughing until my sides hurt at inside jokes and memories with all 9 girls.

That's just a do you want some pictures?

All 10 of us: Dressed up for dinner on the first night

Poolside Pina Coladas with Sarah

Dressed up for formal dinner night with Ruth and Sarah

I handled that rock wall...heck yeah.

Lunch in Ensenada

The Famous Bean Cone

Ruth and I...we loved to dress up!

All right...this is a long post with a lot of pictures...hope that ties you over for a bit! :-)


At 10:22 PM , Anonymous grant... said...

hey i didn't get a cruise after graduating...(maybe i should have asked)...


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