Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Countdown

As of today, it is officially one month until I walk across the stage on CBU's lawn and graduate.

Here is the countdown of my life these next 2 months...

April 25-My last day of undergraduate college classes

April 26-Best Friend Megan's all-day Bachelorette party (starting at Glen Ivy and ending at Club Silk... ;-) )

April 28-Best Friend Megan's Wedding!

April 29-Going to L.A. to see Wicked

May 3-My sister and my niece come for my graduation...yayayay.

May 5-Graduation is finally here...!

May 8-My first class for my master's degree begins...

May 9-My second class for my master's degree begins... (Just when I thought school was over)

May 13-My 22nd birthday

May 21-Four of my teeth will be taken from me...that's right, they're taking all my wisdom. :-) Jamba Juice and ice cream will be greatly appreciated during this time...

May 28 -to- June 1-Graduation cruise to Mexico with 12 of my favorite girls...yay!

June 2-Real life in grown-up world starts...

If I make it to June 2, I'll be tired, but so very glad that it's all over. I know months and months from now I'll probably regret saying this, but right now I cannot wait to be done with undergrad school, and off of CBU's campus.
Perhaps I just need a break.

Tomorrow is girls layout day at the beach, and then meeting up with the boys to bonfire at 6ish...pray for warm weather...



At 12:24 PM , Anonymous leslie said...

omg! you guys are mexico cruisin' it? it is such a blast and the memories are unforgetable! i should send you a pic of our cruise... have fun!


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