Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm blessed....she's cute.

This is the beautiful girl that I've been hanging out with this past week...well, and her mom and dad too of course.
Time in Louisville, KY has been great. I was really feeling burnout on schoolwork, school, work and Riverside in general, so it was a really nice getaway. We leave tomorrow morning to come back to good 'ole sunny California (it's cold here!). I'm gonna miss holding, kissing and cuddling those chubby cheeks everyday, but we'll see them again at Christmas time...yay!
Man, when I get back it's back to homework, homework, homework...well, at least for 6 days anyway, then it's Thanksgiving break.
Listen to me, I'm not even back yet and I'm sounding burnout again. Senioritis? Probably.
I'm sleepy....
Oh, and while I've been here, I've gotten addicted to the tv show 24. My sister and bro-n-law rent it and we've made out way through probably half of season'm gonna need to rent it when I get back. I need to know how Jack Bauer saves the day! What a stud...forget batman and superman...guys should dress up like Jack Bauer for Halloween.
Okay...time to go. I hope your weekend was just great!
Riversiders....see you tomorrow night!
Grace and peace...


At 12:58 AM , Blogger Michelle said...

Those cheeks are rad. And I will watch 24 with you. I'm obsessed during season. I love that you just decide to like 24, after us trying to get you to come to apt. 9 every week to watch it with us for an entire season. You were too cool then, I'm glad I can sucker you in to watching it now :)


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