Sunday, August 20, 2006

I need...

...someone to come over to my apartment (which I moved into today and already broke the bar in the closet) and teach me how to put pictures on my blogs and how to link other people. Right now I am a blogging idiot...someone help. please.
I am waiting for my roommate to get home (curfew is 12...she is 6 minutes late!) :-) So, I am blogging while I wait.
My straightener is broken, so for awhile you'll all have to deal with crazy/curly haired Robin...because straighteners are expensive, and I'm broke yo.
I've found that most girls like the straight hair and most boys like the curly hair...which do you prefer?
I'm sleepy.
Tomorrow I pick up Sam from the airport...I haven't seen him all summer, so I'm excited. Yay for all FOCUS leaders reuniting tomorrow night!
Tonight I went to the beach for a bonfire. I adore the beach, but I'm not that much of a bonfire fan. It's smelly, cold and your feet get really dirty. But, good friends were there in plenty, and we stopped for Starbucks on the way home, so all in all, not a bad night.
In case you were wondering, my niece is still the most beautiful baby ever born.
Kins come home! She's supposed to dye my hair tonight...we'll see.
Sorry this post is really random. I'll try to do better in the future (and add pictures and linklove if someone ever shows me how!)


At 12:00 PM , Blogger kylesmith said...

I like curly.. but thats probably because I have a little of the curls too.. Give me a call today or text me and I will teach how to put friends on your blog and teach you how to upload pics.. real easy stuff... Hope to hear from you soon!


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