Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home from the lake.
I'm several shades darker than I was 4 days ago. Many fun memories of inner-tubing on big bertha, falling off the sea-doos as Ashley does donuts, and laughing until my sides hurt while Em taught us Indian poker.
I could have a lake house when I'm older I suppose....but I could never live there. Do you know how hot Arizona is?
Longest drive home this morning...took us 6 hours to drive home. I was in the middle of the backseat...not fun.
I'm trying to figure out when Kins gets home from Chile. E-mail saying a broom broke while she was sweeping and it went into her hand. Stiches in another country....she's a brave girl. I miss her and want to give her a hug. She and I will be roommates in our own apartment in less than a month. I'm excited.
I have this thing where I can't keep my toenail polish the same for more than a week. I got out of the shower today and changed it back to a creamish/pink color. Looks nice with newly tanned toes.
On the way home today we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast...we bought the homeless guy on the corner a meal. I appreciated him because his cardboard sign said "hungry, please help". I'm more willing to give food than money that will go to support a habit.
E-mail from a friend that has my mind reeling...don't know what to think.
My niece is to be born in 10 days....prayers would be wonderful. Hope Elizabeth Rogers...I can't wait to meet you. See you in 10 days beautiful.
I don't feel good...what was a sore throat 3 days ago is now a full-blown head cold now. Stupid stuffy nose.
I missed church today...technically that's breaking contract.
Contract...don't get me started on that.
It's freezing in my house right now, and outside it's 100 degrees.
Welcome to Southern California. I love it.
I have to go back to work tomorrow...I sure hope I feel better by then.
God bless to you and yours...


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