Wednesday, November 01, 2006


All of a sudden the internet works in our apartment again. Weird.
I'm sitting at my kitchen table, in newly-bought huge comfy men's sweats from Target, procrastinating from doing my homework. I have a 5 pager to write tonight on 'muscular Christianity' for my kines. class. fun times.
Welp...I'll leave you with some current likes/loves of the moment:

~my new gray sweatpants
~the fact that it's November, which is Christmastime in my book
~I'm seeing my niece in 7 day from now
~I'm seeing my sister and Mark, too :-)
~my mom's e-mail today that said "Time for your Christmas list!" haha
~pumpkin pie latte's from coffee bean (I'm loving the new coffee bean in Riverside...yay!)
~my crazy curly hair today...way less maintenance than straight hair
~high heels
~I had only 1 class today
~beaumont weekend is this weekend
~the flowers I painted on my big toes
~my bed
~my pastor, he did an awesome job again today at chapel

Okay....time to not procrastinate anymore....homework, here I come!, what's YOUR current likes/loves?


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