Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm not a huge fan of halloween...

...but my niece sure is!!! Oh I know, cutest punkin you've ever seen, right? Obviously.
I've never really been a huge fan of halloween though. It's a little evil in my book, plus I scare super easily. So, today was spent just like any other 'ole day. Class, class, lunch, class, 3 hour midterm on blackboard (ewww), gym, dinner, shower and movie up at kinsley's house. We watched Monster know, the cartoon one with the evil house. It was okay...but it had some really great one-liners.
Welp, I have homework that should get done before thursday, and I'm busy all day tomorrow (even though I have only have one class), but I don't really care. Watching movies tires me out. Time for bed!
I hope this finds everyone doing well....see ya later Halloween...bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas! :-D
Grace and peace...


At 9:04 PM , Blogger Janie said...

Check out MY pumpkin cutie!!

At 9:38 PM , Anonymous kimmy said...



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