Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding

Yesterday my best friend, Megan, got married.
It was beautiful...everything was absolutely perfect. I got teary-eyed, of course. Everything that pastor was saying during the ceremony was so true...I just can't believe they're married.
I am so happy for them, Byron is such a great guy and I can think of no one better for me to leave my best friend to. I pray that all of my friends get a "byron" of their own one day.
Yesterday it was obvious to see that God created marriage as a gift for His people, and how beautiful it can be when two of his children enter into it together...thank you Lord for this gift, and for seeing it be a blessing for Megan and Byron.

I was so honored to be by Meg's side throughout the ceremony, and through all of their 7 years of dating. I'm a blessed girl. :-) to come soon, I promise...


At 9:09 AM , Blogger Mark and Stephanie said...

We want pictures!! - stephanie

At 5:33 AM , Anonymous Michelle said...

Best Wishes to Megan and Byron!I bet that you had a great time in your friend's wedding.Hoping to see some photos in your next post. Good luck!


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