Monday, October 22, 2007

I failed...

This past week, I had Starbucks 5 times.

I started out good...bought it on Monday, bought it on Wednesday (I subbed for a preschool class where everyone but me spoke Spanish...I needed it, I was a lil frazzled by the end of the day). :-)

Then I didn't have it again, and wasn't going to since I had already bought my two for the week, until Saturday morning. Mom offered to drive down to our local (Canyon Crest) and get us some Saturday morning fun drinks. Hey, I figured it's not cheating since I didn't pay for it. Then, Saturday night, I worked on TPA #2 all night with a friend who was also doing his TPA #2, and went and bought us some Starskies. Again, not technically cheating since I didn't purchase it.

Then Sunday, I gave in. Kinsley and I drove down to Newport to walk around Roger's Gardens and look at all the fun Christmas stuff there...and who can do that without Starbucks in hand? So, I got one.

So there you go...I broke my vow by one (technically, since the other two were bought for me).

Addictions take time to break I suppose.


At 4:00 PM , Blogger carsonbelmont said...

Hey it does take a long time, and it can be difficult. I'm on the lookout for a self help group.

At 4:50 PM , Blogger Cyndi said...

i don't drink coffee....but daley, my son, loves it....although he has banned it from his life for a while....and he has got a little cranky, i might


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