Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some very random thoughts:

~I'm going to Rwanda in 1.5 months. I'm still unsure of what to expect.

~I'm officially a California credentialed elementary school teacher. All I need now is a job.

~I'm pretty excited to watch LOST tonight.

~My sister and my niece came to visit last week, and now I miss them so much that I'd give anything to hear my niece call me "Rah-Rah" again.

~I took a yoga class the other day, and I'm still ridiculously sore. Oh, and I was like, 1/2 the age of everyone else in the class. Lame.

~I've been thinking of Turkey a lot lately, and I just spent like, 15 minutes looking at pictures of Bebek, Besiktas, Istiklal, and various other places in Istanbul.

~I'm thinking I've got to go back to Turkey one day.

~One of my favorite things to do is give myself a pedicure. My toes are currently summer pink.

~I made a new rule for this summer's reading: I am only going to read books that were New York Times bestsellers. This helps to narrow my options when I go to a bookstore.

~I'm currently on "Kabul Beauty School". It is soso good.

~I'm turning 23 in 5 days. Weird.

~I've recently discovered ebay. It's pretty fun.

~I need to jump back on the fitness train...I've taken like, a 2 week detour and I think it's starting to show. It's almost bathing suit season for cryin out loud.

~It's almost the middle of May in Southern California...why the heck is it only 70 degrees and overcast outside?

Happy Thursday, all. :-)


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