Friday, May 29, 2009


Today, I am disheartened. I am down. I am frustrated.
In 2 weeks I am done teaching...for how long? I honestly don't know.
This wasn't my plan, this wasn't by choice.
I'm sad. Confused.
I worked hard for 5 years...really, really hard. Harder than a lot of my friends. I was dedicated. I persevered.
Only to get laid off after 1 year.
There are no teaching jobs in California for this next year.
Spent my lunch hour looking up jobs in other states, other countries...
But I don't really want to leave, do I?


I wish I trusted God more than I do.

I need a hug this afternoon, and a safe, soft place to cry.

Where do You want me now, Lord?
...I wish I knew.


At 10:52 AM , Blogger K.Bergh said...

Hi, Robin.

I will keep you in prayer! Are you in your masters at CBU?

Drop by some day, and let's chat...maybe you can blog as a grad. student for me?

Karen Bergh
Director of Communications at CBU

At 5:51 PM , OpenID jessicagrady said...

oh robin.... i'm so sorry to hear that :(


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