Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maybe I will...?

The more articles I read about the food/farm processing business, the more I want to give up all forms of meat. Over 2 years ago, I gave up eating red meat because it contributes to my already genetically-inherited high cholesterol. It wasn't, and hasn't been, difficult whatsoever. I still currently eat chicken and turkey (the assumed 'healthier' meat). I have always toyed with the idea of giving up all meat, and am slowly being convinced I should.

Before I continue, don't confuse me with those silly "animals have souls and are equal to humans" animal lovers...I am not. In fact, those of you who know me know that I've grown into a person who doesn't really care for animals all that much. However, I cannot get past all of the research that has been coming out about the filthiness of our farms (where America's food is being raised!) For example, one statistic that I read said that Americans consume 3 billion pounds of antibiotics a year, yet our livestock consumes almost 18 billion pounds per year! That is what we are eating! Animals who are sick, therefore pumped full of medicines and steroids and growth-hormones. Oh, and speaking of that, growth hormones in livestock is considered the #1 contributor to young girls beginning puberty as young as 7 or 8 years old!

There are a ton more facts that I could go into, but when I think about it, it kind of just grosses me out. So, I'm deciding whether or not I'm gonna go vegetarian. I do love me a good turkey sandwich, but there's got to be yummy/healthier alternatives, right? (If you know of any, let me know!)


At 1:14 PM , Anonymous Ruth Rogers said...

I hear ya! I don't necessarily call myself a vegetarian, but I don't eat a lot of meats in general. Turkey sandwiches are the most I eat. You should try out Boca. It's "meatless meat" and it's amazing.

At 6:35 PM , Blogger Nicole said...

Hey Robin, okay I am blog surfing tonight and I found this post really interesting. My husband and I have been eating a mostly vegetarian diet for about a year now - and I have NEVER felt better. I haven't read much about the issues you have mentioned (filth in the farms etc) but more about the health issues that inevitably result from a typical American diet loaded with animal products. We were really hard core no animal products for several months (no meat, dairy, etc) until I got pregnant. Now I eat non-fat dairy a little for the calcium. But you know what? I still prefer a veggie diet. I have TONS of really great recipes if you are interested. =) Like real food, not tofu or salad for every meal. Yummy, cooked entree type meals. Even my family from Texas (the land of fried meat!) thought they were delicious. Oh, and did I mention that we both dropped about 25 lbs just by changing our diet? Let me know if you are interested in any more info...I'd be happy to share! =)


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