Monday, December 07, 2009

Matt Chandler on how I learned morality, not the Gospel.

For some reason, blogger won't let me upload this video, so here's the link.
Go to it and enjoy, I promise you won't be disappointed.


At 7:10 PM , Blogger sherry said...

Hmm...that's so oversimplified. Not everyone who leaves "the church" leaves because God hurt their feelings. For some of us, it is a matter of it no longer making sense--logically. It's not always an emotion-based decision.

At 11:16 PM , Blogger Willard said...

Hi Robin,
If you go to YouTube and copy and paste the "embed" code into your post's HTML pane (instead of your usual Compose pane), you can post the video directly without uploading. You'll need to resize the code so it fits correctly (from 560 width, to about 425, just change the numbers), but if you experiment a little you'll find it's a snap.


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