Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where I've been...or, summer '07 in quick review.

Sorry I've been lacking in the blog department, towards the end of summer, got both busy and fun. I'm actually very very sad summer is ending...there is nothing like long lazy warm days.'s some pictures to show where I've been and what I've been up to. Enjoy :-)

Kinsley bought us John Mayer concert tickets for my birthday, so, June 10th, we rocked out at the Hollywood Bowl with the man himself...he really was amazing. I sang every word and was in awe the entire time. :-)

Kimmy and Derek got married July was a beautiful wedding with beautiful people. I had a blast on the dance floor...and I'm so excited for the Imai's! (Oh, and photo credit goes to their photographer, Trever Hoehne, he's amazing!)

Sarah got married one week after Kimmy, July 28th. Another beautiful wedding, surrounded by the girls I love most in this world. Instead of Saraho, she is now Sarah Curry. I love you Sarah!

My parents and I got to go to Louisville, Kentucky the first week of August because my wonderful niece Hope turned one. Here we are having Auntie Robin and Hope time, and Hope's just having milk-time. :-) It was a good time of hanging out with family, I love my sister and brother-n-law very much.

We got to go to the Louisville Zoo while we were there, Hope loved the Bongos. Don't know what they are? I didn't either, look 'em up! :-)

When I got home from Louisville, a day later I went to the river in Yuma, AZ with some of my best friends. It was the funnest weekend I've had this summer...and believe it or not, I learned a lot through it as well. Here's Me, Ash and Alana, doing what we did 3 days in a row...laying out on the front of the boat. :-) It was absolutely wonderful.

Here's the whole gang of River Trippers '07 at Cracker Barrel for dinner one night. Worst service/food ever, but definately the funniest time I've ever had in a restaurant.

Yesterday, Pacs, Alana, Ruth and myself had a beach day in Huntington. We layed out, shopped, and met up with Pacs' and Ashley's parents in Irvine for dinner. It was a goodtime for us girls to get together before Pacs leaves (this Friday!) for a year.

Today was the Whittaker family's last day at Sandals church. Carlos and his fam are moving to Georgia where he will be serving Buckhead church. I'm not sure if Buckhead knows yet just how great of a family they are getting, but they better get ready. I'm proud of myself for not crying today, but it is definately going to be very sad not having Carlos lead us to the throne every Sunday. He's personally my favorite staff member (besides Kimmy of course!), and I'm brokenhearted that he is leaving, although I'm thankful He's following God's leading. We will miss you Whittaker's!

And of course, I can't talk about the Whittaker's without posting a picture of my favorite lil Korean, their baby boy Losiah. He spent a long time in my nursery flip flop class, and I'm very sad I won't get to love on him every Sunday. :-( I mean, look how cute he is! Hmmm...maybe I should arrange a meeting between Losiah and Hope... ;-)

Welp...this is a really long post, so I'm gonna go now. I hope you enjoyed the mini-update...I'll write again soon! :-)


At 7:32 PM , Blogger handling olympus said...

hey. linked here through Carlos' blog. looks like you had a great summer. how'd you do on your summer "to do" list?

At 7:52 PM , Anonymous grant... said...

you didn't come to arkansas to visit family for the summer?...
(you do still have family in arkansas right?)

At 11:38 PM , Anonymous whittakerwoman said...

I love those pictures. You need to email me those! I just wanted to say Thank you so much for loving us and most of all Losiah. There is not better compliment and feeling in life than when others love your children. Thank you for your heart! H

At 5:21 AM , Blogger Stephanie said...

Thanks for the update in pictures - you are a good Auntie!

At 12:40 PM , Anonymous leslie said...

i saw your little Hope the other day, she is adorable. it was nice to chat with your sis as well. since you love louisville so much, your trips don't have to stop when they move to chicago... you can visit me and my baby!

At 7:40 PM , Anonymous Chappy said...

Seems like an absolutely wonderful summer! God has been so good to us! We are so blessed with great family, friends, Starbucks, etc.

At 9:42 AM , Anonymous grant... said...

that's right i am engaged!

the big day is soon...october 6th!

almost a month away...needless to say...i've been pretty busy (which is why i haven't updated my blog much)

so far everything seems to be falling into place i guess we're pretty lucky.


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