Sunday, May 20, 2007

Childhood church friends...

So, this group of people, minus best friend Megan who is not in the picture, were my core group of friends that I grew up with at church. When my family started going to Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church, I was 7, and these were the group of kids in my Sunday School class/age group. This basically meant that these would be my built-in friends the next 10 years or so of my life. We were six best friends, who laughed together, cried together, went through the ugly growing up stages of life together, and learned more about who God is together.
Of course, when college came we all went, mostly, our separate ways. I kept in contact with a few, but sadly not all. We have all changed so's incredible.
By the end of this month, five out of the six of us will have graduated next summer, 3 out of the six will be married...we are all grown up.
This picture was taken, haha, by all of our parents, at Jena's graduation party. Although I really only still see and keep in contact with Megan on a regular basis, I still cherish the memories I have with these five people.
Thanks Eric, Michael, Kevin, Jena and Megan. :-)

How's about a reunion in another 4 years? :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


...Yes, ladies and gentlemen, on May 5th, I did it. Graduated from college. Started Master's classes 3 days later. Weird...I'm such an adult.

It was such a blessing to have my sister and my niece there. Thanks Steph for all of the encouragement you provide in my life. :-)

Here's a graduation picture, snapped by my Daddy, for ya'll to enjoy. Real world, here I come!