Sunday, June 17, 2007

So...I'm a Harry Potter nerd.

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Seriously, I am a huge nerd when it comes to Harry Potter. I know all you cool kids out there who think it's dorky, I used to be ignorant like you too. Then I picked up the first one at the age of 17 and couldn't put them down. I re-read the series ever summer.

As you may or may not know, this is a pretty big summer for Harry Potter fans around the world. The fifth movie comes out, as well as the seventh and final (supposedly) book. I am very excited for the book...then movie too, but more so for the book.

I've already got it pre-ordered at Borders. I know that Borders will be swamped with people dressed up like the characters, and hardcore HP fans when I go to get my copy that night at I don't really wanna go by myself.

Friday night, July 20th, at around 11pm-ish...anyone down for going with me to fight the masses so that I can get my book?


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Summer To-Do/Goal List:

So, as I was sitting in class tonight very bored, er, I mean paying close attention to my professor, I decided that for my first summer as a real adult, I should have some goals, or just general things that I would like to have completed by September 1st. It is my hope that if I post them here, ya'll will give me some sort of accountability in doing them. I will re-post this list again in the end of August and let you know how I did, and if I accomplished said goals.
With that said, here they are in no particular order:

~Go to the beach at least 5 times. (It'll probably be more, but as I'm working 5 days a week now, I didn't want to get my hopes up).
~Pass both summer Master's classes: EDU520 and EDU/RDG515.
~Visit Ashley in Irvine during one of her shifts at Olive Garden, and order an excessive amount of breadsticks.
~Go to Louisville, KY to see my sister, bro-n-law, and the cutest niece ever born.
~Go surfing, and stand up more than 3 times (my previous best was only 3 times).
~Read all 7 Harry Potters. (I've read them all already, but as the 7th and last comes out this summer, I've started reading them again, in hopes of having the first 6 done just in time for the last to come out).
~Run up Mount Rubidoux
~Go to the doctor, have my cholesterol checked, and start taking the necessary medications if required. (I'm hoping it won't be, but with my heredity...meds here I come).
~Go to Disneyland at least one more time before my pass is blocked out for the summer.
~Complete, and pass, my first 2 TPA's (yay for CA teacher credentialing).
~Lose five more pounds.
~Join a Sandals small group.
~Go to an Angels game.
~See 3 movies: 1.Oceans 13 2.Harry Potter 5 3.?

So there you have it. A pretty do-able list if you ask me.
I'll let you know in August folks... :-)

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Graduation Mexico Cruise...with lots of pictures!

All I have to say is it was ah-mazing.

9 of my very best girlfriends, a giant cruise ship, and fun stops everyday made for a very fun week!

Some of the things I loved: Getting dressed up for dinner every night, the amazing dinner itself, laying-out poolside, poolside pina coladas, dancing until 1 or 2 every single night, climbing the rock wall on board, the cool towel animals our room guy left, shopping in Ensenada, the discovery of the Bean Cone in Ensenada (Ruth and I are totally gonna learn how to make it), watching dueling pianos with 2 hilarious comedians, and laughing until my sides hurt at inside jokes and memories with all 9 girls.

That's just a do you want some pictures?

All 10 of us: Dressed up for dinner on the first night

Poolside Pina Coladas with Sarah

Dressed up for formal dinner night with Ruth and Sarah

I handled that rock wall...heck yeah.

Lunch in Ensenada

The Famous Bean Cone

Ruth and I...we loved to dress up!

All right...this is a long post with a lot of pictures...hope that ties you over for a bit! :-)