Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm blessed....she's cute.

This is the beautiful girl that I've been hanging out with this past week...well, and her mom and dad too of course.
Time in Louisville, KY has been great. I was really feeling burnout on schoolwork, school, work and Riverside in general, so it was a really nice getaway. We leave tomorrow morning to come back to good 'ole sunny California (it's cold here!). I'm gonna miss holding, kissing and cuddling those chubby cheeks everyday, but we'll see them again at Christmas time...yay!
Man, when I get back it's back to homework, homework, homework...well, at least for 6 days anyway, then it's Thanksgiving break.
Listen to me, I'm not even back yet and I'm sounding burnout again. Senioritis? Probably.
I'm sleepy....
Oh, and while I've been here, I've gotten addicted to the tv show 24. My sister and bro-n-law rent it and we've made out way through probably half of season'm gonna need to rent it when I get back. I need to know how Jack Bauer saves the day! What a stud...forget batman and superman...guys should dress up like Jack Bauer for Halloween.
Okay...time to go. I hope your weekend was just great!
Riversiders....see you tomorrow night!
Grace and peace...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


All of a sudden the internet works in our apartment again. Weird.
I'm sitting at my kitchen table, in newly-bought huge comfy men's sweats from Target, procrastinating from doing my homework. I have a 5 pager to write tonight on 'muscular Christianity' for my kines. class. fun times.
Welp...I'll leave you with some current likes/loves of the moment:

~my new gray sweatpants
~the fact that it's November, which is Christmastime in my book
~I'm seeing my niece in 7 day from now
~I'm seeing my sister and Mark, too :-)
~my mom's e-mail today that said "Time for your Christmas list!" haha
~pumpkin pie latte's from coffee bean (I'm loving the new coffee bean in Riverside...yay!)
~my crazy curly hair today...way less maintenance than straight hair
~high heels
~I had only 1 class today
~beaumont weekend is this weekend
~the flowers I painted on my big toes
~my bed
~my pastor, he did an awesome job again today at chapel

Okay....time to not procrastinate anymore....homework, here I come!, what's YOUR current likes/loves?

I'm not a huge fan of halloween...

...but my niece sure is!!! Oh I know, cutest punkin you've ever seen, right? Obviously.
I've never really been a huge fan of halloween though. It's a little evil in my book, plus I scare super easily. So, today was spent just like any other 'ole day. Class, class, lunch, class, 3 hour midterm on blackboard (ewww), gym, dinner, shower and movie up at kinsley's house. We watched Monster know, the cartoon one with the evil house. It was okay...but it had some really great one-liners.
Welp, I have homework that should get done before thursday, and I'm busy all day tomorrow (even though I have only have one class), but I don't really care. Watching movies tires me out. Time for bed!
I hope this finds everyone doing well....see ya later Halloween...bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas! :-D
Grace and peace...