Saturday, February 28, 2009

Biggest Loser: Season Robin

Here's the thing: I love the show, The Biggest Loser. No, seriously. I LOVE it.
I've watched it, faithfully, since season 2 (we are in season 7, currently).

The past few months, there has become quite the gathering at my apartment on Tuesday nights of my friends/roommates who come to enjoy the 2-hour show with me. I love these nights. I get to see my friends during the week, we eat (mostly) healthy food, having push-up competitions during the commercial breaks, root for the person we want to is so fun.


All of this to say, it's time for me to turn the biggest loser around on myself. I realize I am no where near the status required for me to be on the show, but I am "rounder" than I used to be, and that's no good. I am no longer the healthy girl I once was.
This past summer, I came back from Africa roughly 123 lbs...and quickly settled in at around 125.
Then...I started teaching. I'd like to say that I blame teaching for the weight, but truly it's my own fault. I have stopped making it a priority.

Today, I went to my parents house and Dad showed me their Wii fit. Uh-oh. You know what it told me? That my weight is now 134. 134! That's 9 pounds heavier than 6 months ago! And I am only 5'2" a lil weight shows up very quickly. It also told me my BMI, which was 24....the heavy end of 'normal', and thisclose to 'overweight'.
That's what hit me.

So, here goes: In an effort to be authentic, those 2 of you who actually read this, my goal is to get back down to 125. I need to begin making my health a priority again. I truly love running when I make myself do it. I need to be eating healthier again too. I'm a lil person, I don't need to be eating everything I see.
How is this going to work? My goal is to blog once a week (at least) and let you know how it's going, my weight loss, and how my week has been.
What I desire from you: Encouragement, prayer, motivational tips, advice, etc.

This is my favorite inspiration from the show-Ali, the show's first female winner. She got down to 123 (the goal!)

And this post would not be complete without my Bob. Oh I love Bob Harper. He is one of the trainers on the show, and is SO encouraging. And yes, I own his Yoga DVD...and he encourages me as I do it in my living room. :-)