Saturday, January 31, 2009

For the week of January 31-February 6.

I stole this from Kimmy... :-)

WHAT I’M READING: Marley and Me. I really want to see the movie, and I don't see movies that are based on books until I've read the book. It's a weird thing I have.

WHAT I’M WATCHING: Felicity: My roommates and I are almost done with season 2. LOST: Best show on television. Biggest Loser: It's positively changing lives. America's Best Dance Crew: Because it's just fun (and I secretly would LOVE to be in a dance crew).

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: John Mayer: always. John Legend: amazing. Shane and Shane: awe-inspiring.

WHAT I’M WEARING: Jeans, flats/or/rainbows, and shirts. I love 70+ degree weather in January/February.

WHAT I’M EATING: Starbucks. Caesar salads (favorite). Avocados. Lean Cuisines (the loveliness of being teacher).

WHAT I’M ENJOYING: The ever-growing crew of people who come over on Tuesday nights and watch Biggest Loser. Late nights of Felicity with my roommates. Running.

WHAT I’M SNIFFING: My signature scent: Chanel Chance.

Now it's your turn. :-)